ISO 17025 Consultancy Services

ISO 17025:2017 is an international standard that sets a framework for laboratories involved in testing, sampling and calibration to produce reliable, consistent and technically valid results.

The Standard is split into two key parts, the development of an effective management system, with requirements aligned to ISO 9001; and laboratory technical requirements, which covers staff competency & training, and method development & validation, ensuring the validity of laboratory generated results and reporting of those results.

Accreditation to ISO 17025 recognises the competency of a laboratory and demonstrates its adherence to robust testing methods. In addition, Accreditation allows organisations to:

  • easily demonstrate reliability to potential customers, giving an advantage in tendering processes
  • continually improve and maintain operational performance and processes through internal and external assessments (monitoring and evaluation)
  • address possible risks and opportunities to continually improve the laboratory and its systems
  • create cost effective right first-time testing methods thus reducing the amount of waste and re-testing required
  • create a customer focused approach to the business, helping to retain business and create a can-do attitude within the laboratory

Over the years we have helped hundreds of laboratories from a variety of industries and sectors to implement and improve their management systems.