Why use polymer testing services from Tisakimia?

Our polymer material testing services help you to:

  • Identify the characteristics, properties and flaws of your materials
  • Comply with all relevant national and international standards(ISO,ASTM,..)
  • Ensure that your polymeric materials meet your clients’ safety, environmental and  requirements

Composition of a plastic material

By combining different analysis techniques, we can obtain the composition of an unknown plastic material, thus identifying which polymer or polymers, mineral fillers and reinforcements are present. Likewise, the percentage of these mineral fillers. This information is very useful to ensure compliance with the requirements needed to obtain the technical data sheet of a material, to find out the possible causes of failure in the transformation process or in usage, etc.

Verification of specifications in pipes and their raw materials

With huge experience in inspection sector of  pipe industry (PE,PP,PVC,PEX,steel pipe..)

In this regard, we perform carbon black content tests, carbon black dispersion tests, Oxidation Induction Time (OIT),Tensile,Vicat, among others, all aimed at ensuring a minimum percentage that enables compliance with the required technical requirements.

In addition, we determine the degree of cross-linking and the gel content in PE-X pipes, as well as in any other cross-linked materials.

Some Facility :

  • Thermal Anaylsisi (DSC,TGA,ASH content)
  • FTIR
  • XRF
  • XRD
  • HDT-VICAT Test Instrument
  • UL94 Flammabilitty
  • Rheometry (Melt Flow Inedex, Capillary Rheometer)
  • Universal Testing Machin
  • Shore A&D
  • Density
  • ESCR
  • Twin screw extruder for Rnd activity
  • Hydro static test for plastic pipe