Polymer Technical Consulting

Experts in the field of plastic and rubbers, our technical consulting team at TISA KIMIA has over 10 years of combined industry experience.

Our Polymer(plastics,rubbers, adhesives,coatings) specialists support you along every step of the product development process, from raw material selection and analysis to rapid-response troubleshooting and field-performance evaluations.


TISA KIMIA delivers a wide range of technical consulting services for Polymer products and materials, including:

  • Raw material selection, evaluation and analysis
  • Design evaluation
  • Chemical analysis
  • Failure and forensic analysis
  • Deformulation and reverse engineering
  • Process selection and development
  • Processing support
  • Expert witness and litigation support
  • Product benchmarking and comparison
  • Physical properties analysis
  • Performance analysis
  • Import and material sourcing support
  • Laboratory and plant technology audits

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